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  1. On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court held that churches have the right to steal from people to get the money to fund their activities. No, the Court didn’t use the word “stealing” but that is the import of its ruling in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, a case in which the Court held that states cannot discriminate against churches in the granting of government funds.

    Since all of us living today have been raised in what is called a welfare Continue Reading

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  2. One of the most fascinating aspects of living under imperialism is the lexicon that this philosophy brings into existence. It’s called Empire-Speak. Given the complexity of this specialized language, it usually takes people years of education and training to master it.

    One of the finest examples of Empire-Speak appeared last week in a Washington Post op-ed by Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, who often appears as a commentator on Fox News. Krauthammer penned an op-ed entitled “The Great Muslim Civil Continue Reading

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  3. Perhaps President Trump thinks that by further destroying the freedom of the American people to travel and spend money in Cuba, he can ingratiate himself with the national-security establishment in the hopes they will lay off him with their Russia meddling investigation. Regardless, Trump’s actions are not only a classic throwback to the old Cold War, when the Pentagon and the CIA filled everyone with a deep fear of communism and the Soviet Union, they also demonstrate the rank hypocrisy Continue Reading

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  4. President Trump has reminded us of how the U.S. government destroyed the liberty of the American people in the name of fighting tyranny abroad. Exercising the same dictatorial method that his predecessors have employed — executive decrees — he has made it illegal again for most Americans to travel to Cuba and spend money there.

    Trump’s justification? The communist regime in Cuba is tyrannical and engages in human-rights abuses.

    Think about that for a moment: A foreign regime is tyrannical Continue Reading

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  5. After the publication of my article “Thank You for Your Killing,” I received a vituperative twitter attack by a self-labeled conservative woman, who called me an “idiot,” said I was “NO AMERICAN” (her caps), called me a “liberal,” said I don’t “deserve to live in the USA,” and accused me “dishonoring” the troops.

    That conservative’s attack on me is a perfect demonstration of the life of the lie that has long characterized American conservatives, especially when it comes to Continue Reading

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