Last election, using a quirk in Pennsylvania election law, my current opponent appeared on the ballot under both the Republican Party and Democratic Party tickets, making a serious run for office by an opponent impossible.

During this year’s primary — a closed one, that only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to participate in — I attempted a write-in campaign as a Democrat. My aim was to either appear on the ballot as a Democrat, or, more importantly, to garner enough write-in votes to deny my opponent a ballot slot as a Democrat (in addition to her Republican slot). We were successful in the latter endeavor. This was accomplished in an election where I couldn’t even vote for myself!

My supporters and I then set out and collected enough signatures to secure “ballot access” as a Libertarian, all in accordance with existing Pennsylvania election laws.

In contrast to previous contests for this particular state house seat, November 6 will culminate a two-way race between my six-term Republican opponent and me: Republican vs. Libertarian. No Democrat . . . or anyone else, for that matter.

Over the last few years, I’ve hosted two FM broadcast radio shows, one on 94.3 FM and the other on a local college station. Our homegrown publications, The NEPA Visitor ( and Seeker Magazine (, have become quite popular. Not only do I write columns for them, but I also work with local businesses, animal shelters, veterans groups, and nonprofits, mailing over 7,000 copies of the publications every two months throughout our local communities. In addition to those media efforts I’m also a manager at one of the area’s most popular restaurants. All of this has given me pretty good name recognition in my own little fishpond.

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows, and in my case that’s certainly true, having won the support of Democrats, local Tea Party groups, business owners, college students, and lots of Republicans and independents.

I have as good of a chance as anyone to make history here: never before has a Libertarian been elected as a Libertarian Party candidate to a state house seat, anywhere in the country. I am convinced that to accomplish this feat I need to raise the money to run TV and radio advertisements.

I have a professional production crew from the local college ready to go.

I know this is doable, and will keep everyone updated as we move forward.

Please consider helping . . . you can do so by going to, or by mailing a donation here:

Vote Jasikoff
PO Box 214
Factoryville, PA 18419