Fellow Libertarians,

As you may know, in order for voters to have a third choice this November, our candidates must petition for ballot access. Prior to debates and political ads, our campaign season begins with circulating nomination papers. This year, we need to collect 5,000 valid signatures in order for our statewide candidates to gain the ballot, more than double the requirement for the two major parties. With strict paperwork guidelines and legal challenges, this equates to about 10,000 signatures in order to give us a buffer in the event some of the signatures are disqualified.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is committed to helping our candidates achieve ballot access. Our volunteers have been working tirelessly, but more is needed. In order for our candidates to appear on your November ballot, we need your help.

Please consider contributing to our effort to hire professional petitioners. $3 buys us a signature. $150 will fill a nomination paper with signatures for our candidates. Any amount brings us a step closer to seeing Libertarians on every ballot in Pennsylvania.

In 2017, Pennsylvania Libertarians won more elected seats than any other state in the union, proving we can win and Americans do desire change. To continue this trend, however, we must gain the ballot.

Please support ballot access for our candidates. We have some exciting campaigns in 2018 and our movement is gaining momentum. We are witnessing a political shift within our nation. Freedom is an American value to which so many only pay lip service. Fortunately, our candidates and activists understand what it means to live free. Let’s put candidates who represent Libertarian principles on the ballot this fall!

In Liberty,

The Finance/Fundraising Committee, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Alison Smeltz, Chair

To contribute, please visit: www.lppa.org/index.php/home/donate