An Interview with the Chair

Drew Bingaman, Chair of The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, could be described as a jack of many trades. Boasting an Associates Degree in electrical engineering and a great deal of IT work experience with the local small business community here in central PA, he also founded his own local chapter of the Libertarian Party in Sunbury. His local chapter eventually merged with Snyder County to become the Susquehanna Valley Libertarian Party, who he says has contributed a great deal to the movement in the state. In addition to these credentials he has another proud achievement under his belt.

“In 2017 I won my local ward race for Constable and will be attending training to become certified in August. This apparently makes me a rare thing: an elected Libertarian.” he explained in a recent interview.

He is quick to point out, however, that while challenges remain the LPPA is well on it's way to success and is already able to boast of great strides in recent years. Having recently achieved Minor Party status the LPPA is now given, along with other considerations, the opportunity to be directly informed of and nominate candidates for special elections, giving the party a great opportunity to claim vacant seats. Along with this news and a few other signs, Bingaman remains optimistic about the future of the party.

“I believe the LPPA is headed in a wonderful direction, we just elected a bunch of local officials (myself included) we are bringing back the western contingent of the LPPA into the fold. We have some wonderful activists and volunteers out there. The LPPA along with the Green and Constitution party of PA are winning in the courts to achieve easier ballot access. These are all steps forward for us in the LPPA.”

He also believes with the Membership and Fundraising committees in full gear the party will achieve a great deal of success this year.

Despite his optimism, however, he acknowledges many challenges remain for Libertarians in the state, including a need to continue a strong performance in either the gubernatorial or U.S senate race in order to remain a minor party, and a continued uphill battle in achieving ballot access for candidates statewide.

For those who want to contribute to party and its overall movement he has some simple advice

“Decide how you wish to help. If you wish to spread the word, do that. If you wish to get involved with elections, Join the LPPA or a local affiliate and help a candidate in any way you can. We are always in need of volunteers to work polls, to collect signatures, to march in parades, to run a table at an event...Get involved!”