The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania(LPPA) will hold it's annual Convention Weekend at the Shippen Place Hotel in Shippensburg on March 3rd and 4th. 

The event on Saturday the 3rd will feature speakers and workshops as attendees have the opportunity to interact with libertarian activists from around the state. Registration will begin at 11am with the festivities beginning at noon.

Speakers include Elected Libertarians from around the commonwealth; Jennifer Moore (Montgomery County), Demo Agoris (Washington County), Jake Towne (Northampton County),  and LPPA Chair Drew Bingaman (Northumberland County). 

Sharing the podium with the LPPA elected officials will be activists Josiah Strickland (Delaware County), Dan Sullivan (Allegheny), and Andrew Hatstat (Montgomery County) as well as candidates Drew Miller (Congress PA-18), Steve Scheetz (Congress PA-8) Ken Krawchuk (Governor), Kathy Smith (Lt. Governor) and Dale Kerns (U.S. Senate).

The LPPA will also host various presentations and workshops from outside organisations. Carol Kuniholm the Chair Fair Districts will speak on the organisations movement on putting an end to gerrymandering in the commonwealth.Jerry Feaser of Dauphin County Bureau of Registration and Elections will conduct a workshop that educates local candidates and county committees on the process of maintaining effective committee reports. Daryn Iwicki of Americans for Prosperity Foundation will present a condensed grassroots activists training class and Scott Horton of Anti-War Radio will speak on his new book Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan.

The event will feature an optional buffet meal at 4pm followed by a debate featuring candidates for the Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair position. The debate will focus on the continued growth of the party and what needs to be done to achieve victory in elections and policy changes.Speaking after the debate will be Adam Kokesh author of the book 'Freedom' and a 2020 candidate for President of the United States.

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The event on Sunday March 4th will serve as the LPPA's annual business meeting and will feature the election of party officers and nomination of candidates for state wide offices.

Agenda for Sundays business meeting follows:

1. Annual Reports to the membership

  1. Report of the Chair to the Party Membership.
  2. Report of the Eastern VC to the Party Membership.
  3. Report of the Central VC to the Party Membership.
  4. Report of the Western VC to the Party Membership.
  5. Report of the Treasurer to the Party Membership.
  6. Report of the Secretary to the Party Membership.

2. Consideration that every attending member in good standing at the time of the convention may be a delegate. (Passage by 2/3rds of members certified as members for more than 180 days required)

3. Elections of officers for the LPPA

  1. Election of the Chair of the LPPA
  2. Election of the Eastern Vice-Chair of the LPPA
  3. Election of the Western Vice-Chair of the LPPA
  4. Election of the Central Vice-Chair of the LPPA
  5. Election of the Treasurer of the LPPA
  6. Election of the Secretary of the LPPA

4. Nomination of Candidates for Public Office

  1. Consideration of Nominations for Governor(1)
  2. Consideration of Nominations for Lt. Governor(1)
  3. Consideration of Nominations for Senate(1)
  4. Consideration of any other necessary nominations.

5. Nomination of Delegates to the National Convention.(39)

6. Consideration of Change to LNC Region status.

7. Consideration of Submitted changes to the LPPA Constitution.(Simple majority required for passage, 2/3rds required for changes to take effect immediately)

8. Consideration of Submitted changes to the LPPA Bylaws. (Simple majority required for passage, 2/3rds required for changes to take effect immediately)

9. Consideration of Submitted changes to the LPPA Convention Rules. (Simple majority required for passage, 2/3rds required for changes to take effect immediately)

10. Any other Business deemed necessary by the Membership.

11. Adjornment.


Attendance to both events is open to anyone that wishes to attend but voting ability at the convention is based on party bylaws.  

For those planning on attending both days events please register at: