2018 LPPA Convention

When – March 3rd (Social, Training) March 4th (Business)


Venue  – Shippen Place Hotel – 32 E King St, Shippensburg




This proposal specifically schedules for the weekend before the signature collection season starts so that our nominees have no loss of time in that process.


The social/training day would be similar to the PA Leaders Forum held by an outside group last year. Each County Affiliate with a board vote(13) would be allotted 20 minutes for a presentation or speaker of their choice. We will also be looking for a maximum of 3 headline speakers. Those speakers will have any associated costs paid for by the members that wish to bring them to the social/training event. The Saturday event will open at 12 noon with the first group of speakers running from 1-4, there will be free time for dinner from 4-6, and then we will have the remaining/headline speakers from 6 til 9 with time after for socializing at the venue and hotel bar.


The business meeting on Sunday will open at noon and will be organized by the chair and secretary as dictated by the bylaws.


Rooms start at $70 at hosting hotel and are rated as 4 star and above on all rating platforms.


Bar/Restaurant located in Hotel, multiple other bars and restaurants in general area.