The LPPA NEEDS YOUR HELP petitioning its statewide candidates onto the ballot.

  • Dale Kerns for U.S. Senate. Link.
  • Ken Krawchuk for Governor. Link.
  • Kathy Smith for Lieutenant Governor.

We are still looking for candidates for State Representative, State Senate, and U.S. Congress in many districts. Please fill out this form if you might be interested in running for office and want more information.

We need to collect 5,000 valid signatures on our minor party nomination paper from registered voters throughout Pennsylvania by August 1. This translates to 8,333 to 10,000 raw signatures to give us a reasonable buffer if some signatures are challenged.

Please download our statewide nomination paper and print it out on double sided legal paper.

You might also view our Basic Guide to Petitioning and/or Ken's signatures overview.

Your best petitioning opportunities are:

1) Primary Day (May 15) at the polling places when validity rates are very high because you know everyone is a registered voter;

2) Memorial Day and July 4th public events (parades, fireworks shows, fairs, etc.) where there are a lot of people in one place;

3) Wherever you can get permission and has a lot of foot traffic; and

4) Your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Please send in as many signatures as you can. Every bit helps and many hands get light work. We would greatly appreciate it if you would fill a sheet with 50 signatures, but even if you only collect your own signature and a few family members it is still worth mailing in the form (a lot of people collecting a few signatures each adds up).

Please mail completed petitions to:
Krawchuk '18
PO Box 260
Cheltenham, PA 19012